Saturday, September 12, 2015

Following through with my doctor's request.

I have found a counselor/therapist who will see me. I have an appointment on Thursday at 5. I am nervous. It's a new person in a new place I've never been to. I am sure my first visit will be full of paperwork and history to get her up to speed. None of my current issues will be addressed. On the good side, it's only twice a month my doctor wants to me see her, so it will save some money in the long run.

I got a refill on my meds Friday and started the weekend job today. Found out it isn't a mini peak, it may go longer, which is good financially but bad mental/physically. I'm exhausted from today, so I am heading to bed soon and it's not even 9pm yet... today I worked 9 - 5:30 and tomorrow is only 9 - 1, I do half a day on Sundays so I have time to rest before going back to the weekday job.

This week is going to suck, I'm working all 5 days. Financially it will be awesome, so I can get a regular paycheck again.. next Monday I am off for Sebastian's birthday. I plan to bring stuff to his classroom to celebrate. He has NO idea... I can't wait to surprise him.

FOOTBALL is back! I'm in my brother's fantasy league, I am going to lose big time against my friend named Kevin.. so we'll call him Kevin2 we can keep it right. My brother Kevin is already beating my older son Eric but that's only from Thursday games.

Anyhow, time to get some sleep.... just a quick update from my last entry on what happened with my doctors visit.

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