Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Strange, I noticed this today....

OMG, did you see that? When did that sneak in here?

It's been dark in here for a long time and I think it's been so long that I didn't realize it was here. Was that.... hope? Was that a shimmer of a dream? What was it that just flew past me... was it something about the future?

When did I start dreaming again? Is that why I've been so different lately? What is causing this?

Well, glad you asked!

My work schedule is now 8:30am to 5pm which means no rushing to get out of bed.. no stress to start the day and if I don't get downstairs to eat breakfast until 7am it means I STILL have 45 min till I have to leave. (not having to stress as soon as I wake is has been nice!)

Sleep, it's a glorious thing. I can hit my alarm for half an hour and still be okay it's a GREAT feeling. Could it seriously been this simple? I seem to be in a better mood and much happier at work... this remains to be seen since it's only been 3 days but positive thoughts here.

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