Sunday, January 10, 2016

needs as opposed to wants....

Yes, yes... they say dream BIG or go home.
But with a BIG credit card costs you could lose your home!

But, you really need to keep the costs of things in check.

Once Kevin and  I get our house, he really wants to get a full dining room set, and also new beds for every bedroom... which would be pricy. Why do into more debt when you are already spending that much on a house!?

Now if it was part of the loan maybe.... but the last thing I want to do is rack up a bunch of credit card bills to have all new furniture in a house we just bought. I don't know if that's even crossed his mind. I just got rid of a huge amount of money due to the bankruptcy and now he wants me to have more? We will really need to talk about that. Also the house is going in his name only.... I unfortunately already have mine on two loans on the house I currently live in.

I don't think he's seeing the big picture I don't want to work for the rest of my life so I can have pretty things in my house that I can't enjoy.

It's such a BIG issue, you want it but you don't need it to live. All I've ever wanted is a home that I felt was beautiful with matching furniture, not this hodgepodge of stuff... which seems to be Kevin's dream too, but he's like older than me and when he dies I am left with those HUGE bills! He really needs to think ahead, I don't make 22+ dollars an hour like he does. *sigh*

Such a downer when I have to think logically aren't I? :)

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