Saturday, January 9, 2016

Before you judge... Think

So, I went in to Kroger at 6am this morning to get milk and bread. And maybe overpriced coffee but that isn't pertinent. Anyway, I needed milk for dinner and I wasn't sleeping so I decided to go and avoid people.

Now, I was not really dressed for people. I had on a long, long skirt, a tank top, slipper socks, and ridiculously blingy BOB shoes. Walking out the door, I noticed the cold front was coming in so I grabbed this insane scarf thing with pockets that I got for Christmas. It is soft and really warm, plus it is 6am on a Saturday morning. I was going to the store for less than 5 things. Who shops at 6am on Saturday morning in a small town?

I encountered in the produce section a middle aged lady in her workout gear eyeing me. She asked under her breath what I could have been thinking this morning. I smiled and walked away but here is what I wish I had said. In fact, I wish more of us said things just like this.

Well Ms. Fitness, you have a few options to choose from:

1. I am a crazy, spunky person with my own fashion sense.

2. My fashionista nephew dressed me while sitting nekkid in his Mom's closet among the undisclosed number of Chuck Taylor's that she has.

3. I have a mental health condition and I don't do well in crowds. My outfit allows me to repel unwanted interactions. OR this scarf like thing is a security object that brings me comfort allowing me limited outings.

4. I had abdominal surgery a few weeks ago and cannot tolerate things on my belly. This skirt allows me, being fun sized, to pull it up like Urkel (Google it young ones) and achieve some level of comfort. My belly has been hurting 18 of the last 24 hours and my clothing options are limited. I am here at 6 am to comfortably get necessities before going home, eating pain killers, and crawling onto the only freaking comfortable place in my house to try again to sleep before my family gets up.

You are going to think which ever one you want despite it being number 4. I really don't care what you think. What I hope to accomplish by putting this blog up is that if you are in Ms. Fitness' shoes you will think and not judge. We see the external things but there is often no way to really know what is going on internally. You don't know my story and I don't know yours. We are all fighting our own battles. We have our own set of insecurities and challenges. It costs you nothing to be kind. If you are overcome with curiosity, try asking instead of assuming.

Happy Sunday everyone. Sorry about the extended absence but I am graduating in May and I have an enormous amount of work ahead of me.

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