Wednesday, May 13, 2015

What the fahk evah Wednesday

Do you know what I'm sick of?  No-shit-nightmares.

The other night I had a nightmare that I was lost with someone who I knew, in real life, I couldn't trust, with Nathan and people were watching every single move I made.  Then I got lost and couldn't find my way out.  Then I got stuck in a hallway calling out to myself "if you can just find David*, you'll be fine".  I woke up and took a deep breath and went, "hey knucklehead, you KNOW you can't trust XYZ and you KNOW you have issues, serious mf'ing issues, with people spying on you because of the ex and Spygate and the divorce and you know you can always find David and he'll help you save yourself".  So then, knucklehead, why the need for my subconscious to remind me of this utter and complete bullshit?  No, really, I'm asking y'all here!  Is there a psychological reason?  My counselor (who is a mf'ing saint and there is no money in the world enough to pay him for listening to my shenanigans..I'm pretty sure I threatened him with a machete one week) says, "clearly you haven't worked through it enough, Eri".  Shut.Up.You.

So what say all y'all.  Internet psychology me here, peeps.  I'm counting on you.

*Right then, so I owe all y'all a serious personal catch-up.  Boston and I have parted ways in the fairest way we could.  I will always love and fradore him.  He will always be the one who showed me how to save myself.  I will still love the city of Boston, including the Bruins, the Sox and the Pats (Free Brady!) and yes, fahk you very much, I AM planning to keep my Boston/Midwestern accent.  That said, there is a new, amazing man in our lives up here in the Chuck Taylor palace.  He's smart and sweet and steady and sure.  His name is David.  You'll see him around here a lot.*

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