Friday, May 15, 2015

Friday Five - "Fry That Bastahd" Edition

Hi.  So, Boston and I may not be an item anymore, but while he and I were together, I fell deeply and profoundly in love with, not just him, but the city he called home.  I care about what goes on in Beantown.  And I remember just where I was when the Boston Marathon Bombing happened.  I was home and things were quiet here.  He called and said, "hey I'm fine.  I'm home today."  I said, "why are you calling to tell me you're fine?", as my anxious mind played out a thousand awful scenarios.  My anxious mind didn't even have time to get as far as he went when he said, "there was a bombing at the marathon, the finish line is outside my building.  I'm not at work today, I'm home.  I'm fine.  I'm sure cell service will shut down soon but I had to let you know before you saw it on the news".  As he relayed that information to me, it started flashing across my television. Nausea rose, tears flooded my eyes as they started to let the information filter in.  The two of us were news junkies and through the night, we probably had more details between the two of us than most of the news outlets had singularly.  So, despite our break-up, despite the heartache that surrounded there, I care about what happens to Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.  Him and his brother were responsible for the murder of numerous people, but including a small child and a police officer.  They injured and maimed upwards of 200+ people.  He was found guilty in a court of law a few weeks ago.  I've been waiting on pins and needles to hear if we would fry that fuckah.  But today, ohhhh today.  Today the verdict came in that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is going to be put to death.  6 time over, if it were possible.  And, I guess, it may be wrong of me, but I thanked Jesus.  And I wept tears of joys.  Because justice.

So, instead of doing my 5 favorite words (next week!), I'm going to link to some of the funds and charities set up to support the victims of that gruesome fuckah's crimes.

1. The Sean Collier Fund
2. The Martin W. Richard Charity
3. One Fund Boston
4. The Charity Navigator (I don't know anything about this site, tell me if it's useful)
5. The Boston Marathon Official Charity

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