Friday, August 29, 2014

Allow me to introduce myself

Welcome Friends and Family to the first post here at We Don't Give a Chuck.  Some of you have followed over from the writers' other blogs and we'd like to thank you for making the journey with us.  Some of you are new and we're happy to introduce ourselves (in a minute, y'all, I swear).  But first, I'd like to tell you how this whole shebang came about.

I was going through a rough divorce, the details of which are not important, and I desperately needed only my closest friends around me.  There were a small handful of males.  But something unexpected happened as I gathered these 20 or so girls (and guys) around me.  We all started leaning in on each other, checking in on each other, rooting for each other, lifting each other up.  Somehow, what had started as me needing only the truest of the true, the closest of the close, the most loyal of the loyal, had turned us into this little family.  All my friends started friending each other, calling each other Sistah (with a Boston accent!) and I truly believe everyone's life became a little brighter.  So I got to thinking about how badly I wanted to scrap my old blog which showcased just how good I was at covering up how miserable I was in my marriage, and start fresh, somewhere where I could be 100% truly me; awkward, funny, smart, flawed, sweet, empathetic, anxious and a little crazy.  But then I got to thinking even more about how I had this sistah-hood of all these women from all these different situations in life.  We've got married moms and single moms,  younger moms and older moms, moms of big families and moms of only children.  I started to think maybe my awesome, empowered Sistah-hood could make a difference to women everywhere if we had a voice.  So here we are.  Right now we have three writers committed to writing (introductions below).  We hope you find something you need here. 

Since it's Friday we thought we would do our introductions in a loose sort of Friday Five style and let everyone get to know everyone else.  So I'll start.

I'm Erica, aka Eri, aka Sunshine.
1.  I have two boys.  A big kid who is 10 and a 3 year old who is built tough like a hockey enforcer.
2.  I'm in a long distance relationship with a man from Boston, often referred to as "J" or simply "Boston".
3.  I believe Chuck Taylors are God's gift to the world.  Our blogger address isn't just funny, it's dead serious, too.  I don't  give a Chuck.  In fact if I catch you touching my Chucks, you're goin to lose a hand.
4.  I'm going back to school to become a medical assistant.
5. I talk (and type) with a hybrid Midwestern/Boston accent.  I blame it on the hundreds of hours J and I have spent on the telephone.  Even my boys do it now.

Carrie, aka CareBear, aka Carrie BoBeary writes this:
1. I have 4 wonderful boys that I adore.
2. WYSIWYG- What You See Is What You Get3. My interests are so varied that not even I can keep up.4. I am a Social Worker in training.5. I am honest and loyal sometimes to a fault but I am always authentic.

Jen says this about herself and her family:

So the assignment tonight is to tell you 5 things about myself that you don’t already know. Well 
seeing as you know absolutely nothing about me, this could be really fun! Lets see......
Number 1)I absolutely hate green bell peppers (and orange and yellow and red ones too, but green seems to be the most popular). 
2) My favorite colors are pink, because I’m really girlie at times, and well, that just seems 
to be the most girlie color. Then green, for lots of reasons. Most people will say because of money, or pot...yeah I used to hang out with a lot of pot smoking dumbasses. But I don’t smoke weed, and aside from the fact that I have to have money to survive, I hate it. I love trees, and grass, and that creeping ivy that grows up old houses, and green gems, and green cars even. I just love green, I think because so many beautiful living things are green. 
3) I have a brand new to me (1999) Toyota Camry, that got slammed into a month to the day after buying it about 3 months ago, that I absolutely freaking LOVE! 
4) I tend to make friends with really weird people, that most people in my life don’t really like, and I’m constantly defending my friendships with, but I love these people and will do anything in my power to make sure that they are taken care of, regardless of what anyone else around me thinks of them, or me for that matter for being friends with them. 
5) I fart....a lot, and I don’t really care that I’m a total girlie girl, and that girls aren’t supposed to do that.

Ok now that we have gotten that out of the way......I guarantee that you don’t know anything 
about me because of those 5 things. So even though I technically did the assignment, I think you all in internet blog world deserve to know 5 things about me that might actually tell you a little bit about who really I am.

1.) For some reason, the first thing I always think of when I am describing myself is my kids. They are who I am. They are the biggest part of my life, and it just makes sense to start off with them. I am not going to tell you their real names, so I have come up with some clever nicknames for each of them, and will refer to them as such as we journey along. My oldest is a 15 year old girl. I love her, I adore her, I am so proud to be able to call her my daughter.....oh wait. No that was before she became a teenager. We will call her E.T. Not because she is from another planet, but because once she turned 13, she turned from the most sweet, lovable, adoring little girl, into a fire breathing, back talking, moody, smartass EVIL TEENAGER! Hence E.T. She started high school this year, which makes her just that much more evil, I mean really, when the hell did I get old enough to have a kid in high school!!??? Granted it’s not her fault, but shit, this is my blog, and I’m blaming her damnit! So that’s the first one....much more about her to come I promise, because this girl is gonna give me SO much material....I really should be paying her.

2.) Next in line is Martha Stewart. She will be 12 in a couple weeks, and I call her Martha Stewart 
because when it comes to doing ALL the things I never could (or frankly even wanted to do), this girl does it, enjoys it, and excels at it.”It” being ANY FREAKING THING she wants to do, from painting, to sewing, making sushi, cooking, cleaning, taking care of her siblings, you name it, this girl does it. If she doesn’t know how to do it, well give her an hour on YouTube and she will be better at it than anyone trying to teach you on the internet. She is absolutely amazing at pretty much any domestic duty you can imagine. Martha is creative, beautiful, and extremely humble about every bit of it. Not only that, but she has promised on several occasions that she will not turn evil when she becomes a teenager........this is 
yet to be seen, as I have explained that this transformation is not always voluntary.

 3.) Link is 9, and up until a year ago, was my only boy. The only boy in a house full of girls has not made him the most macho of young men. He is very reliant on his sister’s for pretty much everything. The girls coddle him, and cater to his wishes and demands, but mostly because that’s the only way to get him to be quiet. Don’t get me wrong, he is very smart,

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