Sunday, August 21, 2016

Guest Status

Hi Gang, Eri here.  It's no secret it's been pretty quiet around here.  Hell if it weren't for Cindy, no one would keep the lights on, I don't think.  I check in often and read comments but life has gotten a little whack-a-doodle and I haven't had an abundance of time to give myself here (which may make the announcement at the end a bit of a surprise).  Between being a newlywed, having TWO big boys in school, being published (and therefore churning out more writing) and attempting to get my degree in the next 3 semesters in HIMT (Health Information Medical Technology), I'm pretty much always on the run.  Some days I don't have time even for the girls of this tribe.  None of these are excuses for abandoning you, just an explanation of what life looks like 'round here lately.

THAT BEING SAID:  I need an outlet for my writing, my opinions, my feelings, my whatever, more than I ever have before. This blog is fantastic and amazing because it includes so many (wicked fahkin') talented writers from all walks of life.  So, I would never leave here totally.  This remains a great avenue and place for discussions about family, parenting, putting an end to child abuse and, of course, erasing the stigma on mental illness.  But, I am going to pull back a little further.  I will always be reachable by this blog, but as for writing, I'm going to give what little spare time I have to a project that is wholly Eri.  Irish I gave a Chuck, but I don't is going to be my new hotspot for talking about everything.  I'm a woman of many interests and a vast variety of political views, but I have never wanted to paint all my girls with one brush.  With the insanity of this election season, I've had a lot to say.  That I've mostly kept to myself.  At least once a day, ESPN calls me with sports news I'm dying to share.  I've made a daily commitment to writing and sometimes I want to be able to share that work with you.  And of course, I always want to talk about music, my family and Chuck Taylor sneakers (AMEN!).  So, come give me a shout at the new site and let me know you're there.

I don't want anyone who has reached out to us for mental health help or advice about child abuse, etc, so let me be perfectly fahkin' clear:  I will still receive emails about comments here, and obviously, at the new site.  No one is being abandoned :)  I love y'all, keep checking back here for great stuff from our other, amazing writers and maybe, occasionally a "hi" from me!

Love always,

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