Monday, June 15, 2015

"Missing him was dark grey, all alone" - Taylor Swift

So I've been incommunicado, I know.  Finals and then a two week vacation to NM to see some family and try to unwind.  I pulled off a 4.0 for my toughest semester yet.  I have 4 semesters to go and I'll have my CMA in hand.  Yes, I am proud.  If you'd been through all me and my family have been through this semester and not only passed your courses but did so with straight A's, you'd be proud too.  Without my ole' man around to complain about all the T-Swift, me and my girl been rocking out.

There's something so phenomenal about the imagery in this song.  It's powerful and sad and beautiful all at once.  And if I get it stuck in my head, I will cry at some point.  But I still love it.  Using the colors and the other imagery to perfectly, so perfectly, describe an ill-fated relationship is brilliance.  Just brilliance.

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