Thursday, June 18, 2015

A 20 something's perspective

This was sent to me by someone who wanted to share it anonymously. Having been a 20 something once in my life, I was happy to oblige.

Did I imagine the spark when our eyes locked the first time? I felt like I had fallen into a clear blue ocean. You were suspicious of me from the beginning, rightfully and not rightfully so. I was a part of a bigger plan originally until I met you. I found myself drawn to you. My whole day was made in those early morning hours quietly moving around one another. Mumbled morning greetings and on to work in a comfortable silence after a promise of honest communication as the first line of dealing with ill feelings. After a while the days continued to be brightened by random conversations over lunch time even when I exuded the 'fuck off' vibe to everyone else... You poked and prodded until we were chuckling. How could I ever think of sticking to the plan? I grew to hate the plan. I protected our world instead always insisting there was nothing to report. I found out so much about you over breakfast, lunch, and after hours. I could feel your moods from early on. I warned others when it was time to go easy. I fretted over you even as you brushed me off. I am not sure why I have always felt protective over you but I do. I can't shake you and I don't want to.


I think Miss J is an empath. What a sweet and powerful sentiment. Thank you for sharing it with us.

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