Friday, January 16, 2015

Attempts at the New Years Resolution............


I have lost 4 lbs so far this month.

Communication between my husband and I has been improving, we are currently working on things as they come up.

Working everyday sucks, but the money is starting to come in and I was able to pay most of the vet bill off for when they had to put my dog down.

Praying that this last bit of information I sent my lawyer is the last and that I can finally get this damn bankruptcy done and over with.

Have been getting up everyday and saying today will be better than yesterday and so far it's been somewhat working.

I think I am losing my mind, but most of it's gone already anyways (ROFL, that's a good one!)

Can't wait to get my tax refund so I can pay off my bill for my car, get an oil change and any other work done and out of the way.

Also going to pay off my bill for my c-pap and get my cat fixed.

Thanking God everyday that I wake up and am still breathing.

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